Friday, June 19, 2009

China May 2009-7

Last day of clinic. Sitting here, waiting for more people. Sunny just showed James my resume for a man. He's a Winner!!
On Sunday I went into dad's room to use the computer and someone came in and ate a peanut butter sandwhich. I was sick for half of the day. My throat was swollen, eyes were red, and my stomach hurt. Around 3:30 we went to this lake where we got to go fishing. I caught a shrimp with my bare hands-cool. (I was feeling better.) Then we had dinner and headed back to the hotel.
People are here.
If only I could tell you the things I day-dream about.... :-)
Later Monday night
I played basketball with some local police, 3 on 3, Anna and Pastor Dave were on my team. Afterwards we went to dinner across the street. We told jokes and stories to make each other laugh. And then it was a quiet ride home for me, leading into a shower and then devos, followed by thanks to each team member. Sigh, today's clinic we had served over 200 people!! Yeah!!

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