Monday, June 8, 2009

China May 2009-4

9:55 p.m. Wednesday
My devo's were interesting-short and sweet. We headed to clinic Day 1 after devo's, but first we grabbed a bite in a side restaruant. We had rice noodles with toppings and pork filled buns. It was very delicious and very filling.
Set up for clinic.
People were already there-waiting. Set up was a little rough but it was our first time. I was at the distribution station- which is: I read the paper and get several pairs of glasses that the person might like. It was so busy in the morning, but around 12:30 it slowed to a stop and we had lunch.
While we were still having lunch we had a line start forming. It was slow for about a half hour and then it picked up so fast. But it went by pretty fast. There was one little old lady-wearing a light blue shirt with a white thick scarf around her head-she had the funniest, most contagious laugh and smile. She pretty much made my day.

Cleaned up around 5:30 and headed to dinner-another hole in the wall. So much, yet delicious. We had devo's once we got back to the hotel. And after devo's a group of us went out to the pavilion outside our hotel to see the dance concert that had representatives of the groups of the natives. Chinese kids!

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