Monday, June 8, 2009

China May 2009-2

Sunday night 7:30 p.m. (Kunming), May 10
Mosquito. That's my night for you. That little bugger kept me awake for the few hours I had to catch some sleep. I turned on Julianna's iPod to "Groove it out", a playlist, which started with Linkin Park & Jay-Z's "99 Problems/One Step Closer" and ended with "Tell Me 'Bout It" by Joss Stone. We were ready to go to breakfast at 7:40ish.
The most amazing hotel breakfast spread I've ever seen. They had from fresh fruit and veggies to omelets, bean buns to chicken feet, spicy potato wedges to make your-own-soup. I believe I had watermelon, apples, pears and white kiwi; two bean buns, sweet bun, ham, two red/green plum fruits, potato spicy wedges, and warm orange/pineapple juice.
Julianna got sick, so she and dad stayed home, while the rest of us (plus Joel, Anna, and Sean) went to Chinese church via bus.
The church service was held in all Chinese, but recently they were able to put it on earphone sets that translated everything. I got one of those. The hymnal was bilingual so English was on one side and Mandarin was on the other. It made it easy for Janet and Cindy-who are from China, on the trip with us, along with the CA group- to follow along as I did.
After church we mingled with some of the locals-finding out that one of them has a brother in S.F., CA. Church was almost two hours long-never complaining about my church being too long! Our group headed to our spot of destination for lunch. We had two big tables-almost twenty people-each filled with six or seven different things to eat. Unreasonably the tea cost more than the soda's and water. Anna and Joel made a big fuss about my allergies, watching everything I ate and telling me what was good and not good for me to eat. More fuss than necessary.
After lunch we split off into groups and all ventured around Green Lake. The sun was blazing hot, yet nice to feel coming from Michigan. Janet, Julianna and I took multiple pictures while dad and Pastor Walt (from the IL group)talked and walked around.
Around 3 we split up and half of us stayed and took taxis while my group took Joel's van. Blazing hot-Julianna, Janet, and I piled into the back, Walt and Dorothy (from the IL group, whom can't seem to remember my name) sat in the middle, Joel drove and Steve (from IL group, married to Dorothy) had shotty. Joel forgot his key to the office so we went to his family's apartment. Waiting for the other group we met Joel's family again his two daughters and wife.
Our group then went to the office to have orientation, just some background info on Sean, Anna, and Joel the mission work throughout China and what our two weeks were going to be like.
The group walked to dinner at Hong Dou Yuan and again squeezed into a table. We had about 10 dishes swiveling around, one of which had a blackened chicken head and foot. Dinner's dishes were a bit more spicy, but handleable-with some Coke. We decided to walk, again, to our hotel. Good exercise, and we got to see more of the culture and shops.
We had devos in 1609-dad's room- he talked about our yolk and Jesus taking ours and we taking His. After that it was off to bed. Wait-I called mom after devos to wish her happy mother's day. Bed.

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